Is your company into gaming or maybe toys?

Are you looking for a new product line to increase your sales?  or diversify and increase your target customers?

After some years of hard work, our company, Janecosystem, has developed a new positioning system that allows your toys to move on a board following the commands set on your touch screen. The main innovations are that several gamers in different places can play at the same time and any movement of the toys will be reflected in all the boards.

The system is highly customizable, so you can set the board dimensions, the number of players or the number of toys on the board.Also, social side can be implemented creating a loyal community of players.

This novelty opens a new unexplored opportunity, from gamers that want to play board games at distance to kids that want to see their toys moving alone. Your sales have reached the top, you need to diversify your customers portfolio, find new potential customers to increase your revenue… Our system can be the solution.

If you work on real systems, you have the opportunity to catch virtual lovers if you manufacture virtual games then here the opportunity to get the interest of those ones that enjoy with table board games. 

Games tournaments are trending and people around the world enjoys watching the show online. Now imagine a “wargame” tournament with a big board in the middle of the arena and players playing from home, people will see the toys moving alone… is not spectacular? How much the interest of your product will increase?

Don’t miss this opportunity and contact us for a real demonstration or more details.