Janecoystems Team

Mr Cesar Aguilar Gazquez
Responsibilities: Chief Executive Officer

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He is the co-founder of the company and technician in microelectronics and industrial designer. He has received several awards in his journey as a product creator (see below). Follower of the evolution of technology actively participates in design and robotics forums, currently teaches advanced technology and 3D printing, he is director of the Digilab project for the city of Barcelona.

Mr Agustin Acevedo Vazquez
Responsibilities: Chief Technological Officer (CTO)

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He is a senior telecommunications engineer and chief programmer at Movistar and has developed new protocols and implemented last generation transmission systems. He has obtained several research awards in the field of data transmission granted by the Alcatel company. Member of the Spanish astronomical society participates actively in meetings and symposiums.
It actively works on the technological plan and acts as a bridge between the CSIC and the CNM (national center for microelectronics) acting as interlocutor between both.
Responsible of the Technology plan

Ms Virginia Castillo Navas
Responsibilities: Marketing Manager


She has a bachelor’s degree in political science from the UAB (Autonomous University of Barcelona) and works as relations and community manager for the restaurant chain.
Responsible for the Marketing plan jointly with Xavier and social relations, acts on social networks,

Ms Yolanda Centellas Bordonaba
Responsibilities: Legal Manager


She is a lawyer with extensive experience in business management, personnel, and patents, works as a consultant for international construction company and coordinates +500 people. Responsible for the legal issue of the company, contracts, associations, rights …

Mr Pau Ribó Bonet
Responsibilities: Financial Manager


He is a co-founder, an economist by the university Autonoma Barcelona, and works as a partner in a financial consultancy, a businessman with extensive experience. Pau is a prestigious consulting firm in the business advisory area
Responsible for the financial plan of the company

Mr Roger Leon Borras
Responsibilities: Audiovisual & Videogames Creator

3D Character/ Environment Artist &Game Designer


Graduated in design and videogames, currently studying for a master’s degree at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. Responsible for the audiovisual part, creator of games and interfaces with programs such as Unity, Zbrush, teaching at centers

Mr Xavier Bermejo
Responsibilities: Sales Manager


With more than 20 years of experience in large companies and multinationals. At present Export Manager of high technological products covering markets from Asia, Europe, Africa to south America. Engineering background and believer of social medias for sales purposes. Xavier has a wide knowledge of LinkedIn as a tool to promote and contact potential customers. The above experience gives him the perfect profile to deal with big multinationals and to open new markets.