Global Positioning

We have prepared a system based on Daw, in which the figures move through the terrain physically

That is to say, the units interpret the geographical accidents and move slowly, through the terrain (it is not the same to go by road as cross-country)

The units may or may not see other units (it would be obvious if there is a mountain in the middle of the field of vision)

The system is based in Daw and we are looking for financing for it.

The DOB solution combines different hardware and software elements. These are its main components:
⦁ Minidrones. They are small, disk-shaped robots with enough diameter and stability to hold the miniatures of most board games. They have wheels and motors to move with the figures on flat surfaces and include Lightnings and Sound. Their charging system is based on lithium polymer batteries, due to its large storage capacity, and loaded with magnetic induction, avoiding the dependency on an unscalable connection system. All hardware uses standard elements, implemented with SMD technology to reduce the size of robots.
⦁ Local Positioning System, a patented high precision design of Janecosystems based in ultrasound reception integrated in the minidrones and triangulation using 4 beacons positioned around the board.
⦁ Connectivity. Each of the minidrones has a built-in wireless communication component to synchronize position with a game board controller connected online to the central server, with the support of the beacons. The communication also includes receiving orders to move, make light, sounds, etc.
⦁ Control Software. DOB implements it in two parts: in the central server that manages the online games and in the game board controller, a local device that sends the orders of the server to the minidrones through Wi-Fi
⦁ User Interface. Players use an app installed on their Internet-connected devices from which they send their commands to the central server to move the miniatures or other game action.

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