Partners & Friends

In all the dreams that are undertaken, we always know people who share that dream, although there are institutions behind them there are people to thank their work in this way.

In my case, to thank all of them for the hand they have laid out in each case, in each situation and for the support provided.

Oscar de BBVA (Caldes) for his tireless support and believe in us.

To you, my friend, thank you with all my heart for trusting in us and our dream, what is promised is a debt, a project that is already a reality.

To David from the UAB for his work and support in the development of the programs of the CEE of the H2020 program.

Thank you for being as you are, for having such a wide vision of things, for not waiting, for continuing to fight with us hand in hand, always.

To friends Pedro and JJ of STAR and their good sense of humor.

We have developed together very advanced technological systems, I hope that time gives us reason.

To the Doctors of the CSIC for their critical points of view and so necessary

Albert de Murata and always believe in «those geeks» who do the impossible … possible.

My friend, thank you for trusting these «geeks» you were the first to see the drone system working. Thanks for the wait, we thought it was worth it